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Company Picnics

It’s our passion to take care of the details

It is our passion to take care of the details of any party you host, so let us take care of the picnic planning for you as well! If you give us a call and follow our fool-proof picnic planning process, we guarantee that your corporate picnic will rock the socks off of your employees!

What’s important when planning a picnic?

Date and Location

When working with vendors and venues it is always good to have a date solidified early on to guarantee availability. Let us do all of this for you. We will help you find the perfect venue. Already have a place in mind? Let us work with the contact to secure your event.


Event Coordination

You won’t have to fall behind on your work or write a dozen checks to different vendors if you have an event planning company handle all of the details for you. West Coast Entertainment will make arrangements with your caterer, entertainment, DJ, and even the venue. This eliminates mistakes and you only have to deal with one person. We have worked with our vendors for many years and guarantee that they will deliver an A+ product.


We work with wonderful caterers who offer a wide variety of food choices. So, whether you want a good ole fashioned BBQ or a nicer buffet, we’ve got you covered!


With access to any type of entertainment you could ever imagine (inflatables, rentals, performers, & more!), the possibilities are endless! Let us know what your vision is and we’ll create an entertainment package to match.


Your picnic will thrive or dive on the music you play as it sets the atmosphere. Our DJs are guaranteed to keep your guests involved and will even host games and contests with their own prizes! Our repeat clients love our DJs, so if you’d like a first-hand review, you’ve got it!

We’d love to answer any questions you have regarding your event. Even if you are just looking for help on the smallest aspect of your picnic, we’re here to help!


"Planning your next event just became a lot easier!"

"Planning your next event just became a lot easier!"

West Coast Entertainment has been helping plan successful events since 1978 with a proven team, trusted resources and a stress-free process to take care of all the details.