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Safe and Sober Grad Parties Since 1978!

Graduation marks the end of one exciting chapter in a student’s life and begins the next. It’s the culmination of hard work, fun, first-time experiences and the building of life-long friendships… and possibly the last time together with favorite classmates!

What better way to celebrate this great achievement than with an all night party with friends where all you have to do is show up and everything is set for you to just enjoy. We feature some of the most exciting venues in town and the best combination of entertainment all in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do we need to reserve a venue?
Every year, schools across the state are calling earlier and earlier to reserve a party location, in an attempt to get their first venue choice. As soon as the actual graduation date is set, you will want to be ready to put a deposit down to hold your spot.  We recommend getting started early with WCE when forming committees as we offer some really unique fundraising opportunities, ideas, and options and can help you with the process.  And the earlier you start planning, the more time you have to fundraise.
How much of a deposit is required to reserve our party?

$1,500.00, along with a signed contract, will hold the date and reserve your venue(s) and entertainment.

What is a good number of students to start with as a minimum guarantee on our contract?
Usually, one half is usually a good rule of thumb. Rural schools tend to have a higher graduation party participation than city schools. A good guideline is to look at what the attendance from previous years has been as well.
Do we need to obtain additional liability insurance for the night of the event?
West Coast Entertainment exceeds industry standards for liability insurance, ensuring your event is protected. In addition, all of the venues have insurance.  We do not require that your group carries additional insurance. We leave it up to each individual parent committee to decide for themselves.
Will someone from West Coast come to one of our initial committee meetings to discuss venues options and answer questions?
Yes. Absolutely. We can present to you with a slideshow, provide packets for you to keep and answer questions as a group. Just call to schedule a date and time and we will be there!

Planning for Success

To help you plan for a successful graduation party or prom, we have experienced planners who are available to help you select the most appropriate venues and activities for your students. Each year we plan, coordinate and host dozens of high school events and are up-to-date on the latest and greatest party and prom ideas

What you get with West Coast:


West Coast Entertainment has been hosting graduation parties since 1978, longer than any other company in the Northwest. We use our extensive experience each year to evaluate how we can progressively improve our products and services — assuring you the finest grad party experience possible.


West Coast Entertainment is the only high school grad party company in the Northwest to have a full-time, year-round staff that is solely dedicated to your high school event planning and coordination. That way you will always have access to your planner and coordinator who will be there throughout the year to answer your questions.

Guidance and Support

West Coast Entertainment will provide your committee with in-depth newsletters, and step-by-step help with fundraising, promotions, and marketing. You can count on us


Need to make changes? No problem! West Coast Entertainment will work with you to make sure the party is right for the number of students planning to attend.


West Coast Entertainment has exclusive rights to choice locations based solely on our integrity and reputation. We do NOT pay off anyone. That way, you will know we are recommending venues based on what is right for your group — and not for our own pocketbooks.

Venues & Entertainment

Our staff goes to great lengths to make sure we are working with the best and hottest new venues around, that we KNOW your grad will love!  We make sure we are working with venues that have a great staff and are passionate about making your student’s grad party a success!  When you have a West Coast party at your selected venues you can rest assured that your students are in good hands, and that your students will leave the party realizing this was not the typical senior celebration they envisioned, but SO much more.  You will also leave realizing NO other party could have compared to a West Coast Party!

Our experienced event planners will help you customize your event to meet your needs.

Some of our most POPULAR venues!

… and many more!

Call NOW to learn about our top SECRET venues!

Event Security

Safety is an important part of any graduation party. Parents, teachers and West Coast Entertainment want to make sure that students have a safe and fun time. Based on years of experience, West Coast Entertainment believes that Licensed Security Personnel are the best choice for ensuring safety at graduation parties.
Police officers are NOT allowed to perform pat-downs unless they have reasonable suspicion of a crime (noticing a weapon or suspecting drugs or alcohol). Licensed Security Personnel, however, are required by WCE to perform pat-downs as each student enters a facility. This prevents contraband from entering the venue. WCE provides male and female security personnel at each event to perform such pat-downs in a respectful manner.
Additionally, where a Police Officer may only take action if a crime is being committed in their presence (student threatening another, damaging property or is proven to be intoxicated), Licensed Security Personnel are present to PREVENT a situation from elevating to the level of damage or injury.
Although the Police Guild uses a ratio of 1 Police Officer for every 100 students, WCE policy is to have a minimum of 2 Licensed Security Personnel at each event, with a security ratio of one Security Officer per 50 students.
As a standard, WCE will include Licensed Security Personnel for your event. If you would prefer, WCE will gladly add Police Officers to compliment your Security Personnel for a nominal fee.




When you haven’t seen classmates for years, you need to rely on the Seattle Event Planning Expertise of West Coast Entertainment to guide you through the steps to set up a get together so great, everyone will be looking forward to the next reunion. Our casino parties provide a great way to get conversation going and renew old friendships. Or let a DJ or live band bring back memories of music from your high school or college days.


"Planning your next event just became a lot easier!"

"Planning your next event just became a lot easier!"

West Coast Entertainment has been helping plan successful events since 1978 with a proven team, trusted resources and a stress-free process to take care of all the details.