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Casino Parties

Excitement and Style

Are you looking for a fun and dramatic way to break the ice among guests, enthusiastic support for your charity event, or just a reputation as a great party host?

Whether for a personal celebration, company event or as a fundraiser, look no further than West Coast Entertainment for the excitement that only the premiere Seattle area casino party planner can create.

Your West Coast Casino Party Package Includes:


Pre-event planning and consultation

Group orientation

Floor plans

Delivery, set-up and breakdown

Equipment and all gaming accessories

Trained, certified and professionally attired dealers

Celebrity tables

Raffle equipment

We provide the following extras:

West Coast Entertainment Raffle Accessories: We suggest you provide a prize or prizes for your guests to play for and we provide raffle tickets and raffle drum for your prize give away.

Free Consultation: We don’t just sell you a casino party package, we answer questions, make presentations, work with your venue contact to plan the logistics of your event and customize floor plans and help you develop strategies to ensure the success of your event.

Highest Quality Regulation Equipment.

We use the highest quality gaming equipment, setting the standard for casino event style. All our tables have pleated table skirting to give our equipment and your room an elegant appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Casino Party?

A casino party is an event where the primary form of entertainment is a Las Vegas style mock casino. Guests are given a predetermined number of chips to gamble at the tables.

What games do you offer?

We offer the majority of games that are found at a casino in Las Vegas, including: Black Jack, THM, etc…see our Games tab for a full description of each game. We also offer a variety of other entertainment options for your guests

What if our guests don’t know how to play the games?
Not to worry! Learning to play the games is part of the fun for your guests. Our dealers are trained to instruct your guests in the fundamentals of each game and provide a fun, non-threatening learning environment.
Are casino parties legal?
Yes, casino parties are legal. However, there are certain rules and guidelines that must be strictly adhered to. Failure to do so is a criminal offense and may bring potential fines. West Coast Entertainment is licensed by the State of Washington Gambling Commission and trained to follow the rules and regulations.
Are guests allowed to make cash bets?
No, Washington State Gambling Commission forbids making monetary wages under any circumstances. West Coast Entertainment uses gaming chips with non-monetary values.
When should I contact WCE?
We are able to help with any level of your planning process. From taking on your entire party, to providing one element, call us any time and we’ll help you meet whatever need you may have.
Can you make guests pay an admission fee to the Casino Party?
Yes, but only to recover the expense of the casino from the ticket price of a dinner or dance included in the events package.
Can guests buy chips before or during the casino party?
No. Guests must be given a pre-determined number of casino chips at the beginning of the Casino Party. You may have additional chips available to all guests for no charge during the event.
Should I have a spot for every guest?
Our experience has shown us that you should allow for 75%-85% of your guests to be playing at any one time.
What is a “Celebrity Dealer’s” table?

How often do you get the opportunity to be a dealer in a casino? We provide a Celebrity Dealer’s table at events for guests to try their hand at being a casino dealer. This is also a great way for company executives to build relationships with their employees or improve vendor relationships.

Is West Coast Entertainment looking for new talent?
Yes! West Coast Entertainment is always looking for fun and reliable event staff! West Coast Entertainment offers free dealer training and a certification program for dealers who wish to advance. Call us or please email: info@wcent.com for more information

Why Choose WCE?

1. You’ll receive more value for your money when you select West Coast Entertainment!

With our experienced event planners and customizable packages, we will easily be able to help you stay within budget and provide the entertainment your party needs. We provide free, no-obligation quotes to help you discover the possibilities

2.  “Celebrity” Black Jack Tables give you additional playing spaces and an opportunity for all your guests to enjoy the excitement of being a casino dealer.

These are frequently the most popular tables at the mock casinos – a place where your staff can play against the boss.

3. Our dealers are paid as “employees” to reduce your liability.

We pay state industrial insurance and all appropriate taxes on our employees — something that most other recreational gaming companies choose NOT to do. Protect yourself now by hiring West Coast Entertainment.

4. Highest quality equipment and trained, certified dealers — provide the most realistic and fun party possible.

Our Vegas-style equipment provides the realistic setting. And, our formally-attired dealers — who have been trained and certified — provide all the action your guests will enjoy.

5. We are a full-service event planning company — so, one call does it all!

West Coast Entertainment has been helping plan successful events since 1978 with a proven team, trusted resources and a stress-free process to take care of all the details.

6. Personalized, attentive care — always!

Our experienced event planners will help you customize your event to meet your needs.

Casino Games

We offer over ten different Las Vegas style casino games, so we are sure to supply your guests’ favorite one. For those games you may not be so familiar with, below is a little description of either:

Black Jack:  Also known as “21”, Black Jack is one of the most popular casino games because of its simplicity – beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21 and you win!

Craps:  Craps is a dice game where the players make wagers on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls of the dice. Craps is often the most exciting and popular of the casino games because it offers an assortment of bets and odds. Players and onlookers alike share in the excitement of each roll of the dice and the chance to win big.

Texas Hold ‘Em: THM is a variation of poker where two cards are dealt to each player and five community cards are dealt in three stages. Using forced antes or “blinds” THM is fast paced and the most popular of the community card poker games. THM is a great addition to any event. THM can also be played as a standalone tournament which is great entertainment at fundraisers.

Texas Shootout: Similar to the ever popular Texas Hold ‘Em! Except you can come and go as you please from the game because instead of playing against other players you are only trying to beat the dealers’ best hand.

Roulette: If you like numbers and spinning wheels, you’ll love Roulette. Place your bet on a color or any combination of numbers as the ball rolls round and round, then wait to see if Lady Luck falls on your side.

Red Dog: What’s a Red Dog doing in a casino game you ask? Simply marking the spread between cards dealt. An Atlantic City favorite, Red Dog is similar to “Acey-Deucey” or “In-Between”.

Caribbean Stud: Based on the five card stud poker game, the player competes against the house and the option of playing for a progressive jackpot. You win if the dealer does not have an ace, a king or better!

Pai Gow: Not as fast paced as Craps or even Black Jack but you also can’t lose an outrageous amount of money. You win if your highest and second highest hands are higher in rank than those of the dealer.

Casino War: Remember playing this as a youngster? This is just like that! Players bet their card will be higher than the dealer’s. If both are the same, the dealer and player “go to war”.

Let it Ride: “Let it ride” is that favorite phrase leading you to riches…or not! Players make three wagers with each three-card hand. This is a poker game where the player depends as much on luck as skill.

High-Low Change: A dice game at its easiest and it offers quick payoffs as you guess if the roll of the dice will total above, below, or on the number seven.

Big-Six Wheel: Also known as the Wheel of Fortune, but without Vanna White! This wheel is reminiscent of the old carnival wheel that spins round and round and where it stops, nobody knows.

Spanish 21: Have you ever been told, “you can’t do that”, in Black Jack? Well then Spanish 21 is the game for you. Don’t like the original two cards dealt to you? We’ll give  you half your money back. Want to double down after more than one card? Go for it! We have even taken out all the 10’s from the shoe and added a few extra bonuses to offset the house advantage.

Royal Marriage: Another modified version of Black Jack – it is dealt essentially the same as Black Jack with an added, optional, bonus bet. The bonus bet can win in four ways: If your first two cards are the same suite, if you are dealt a natural blackjack of the same suit, if your first two cards are a suited king and queen (a Royal Marriage), or if both the player and dealer have a Royal Marriage.


"Planning your next event just became a lot easier!"

"Planning your next event just became a lot easier!"

West Coast Entertainment has been helping plan successful events since 1978 with a proven team, trusted resources and a stress-free process to take care of all the details.